The Baker Falls for Hopkins

Glory be to God for appled things —
for counters stretched dusty with flour as dirt roads,
for plate palates green-gashed with red, doled,
for cut, peeled and portioned plenty, for strudel rings,
for spice cakes and sauces, for amber juice, for a la mode,
for cider, spiced and mulled, or cold.

All dumplings, starrified, crimped, arranged. Whatever is
oven-ready, brushed with egg yolks, overloaded
with orchards-full, caramelized, ripened to gold,
sugar-crusted, milk beads riding pillion. Memorialize.
Bake them.

Sarah Ann Winn
©The World Is Charged: Poetic Engagements with Gerard Manley Hopkins, Clemson University Press, 2016. The book is available on sale during the Hopkins Festival.

Hopkins Festival 2016
Friday July 22 - July 28

Hopkins Lectures 2016