Hopkins Maynooth Day & Festival Banquet















Maynooth Day and Festival Banquet

All welcome! We hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Admission by Ticket only (€35)

If you are not registered for the Hopkins Festival. Please, book online in advanceto ensure that all runs smoothly!

14.00 BUS for Maynooth (names in advance to Festival Organiser,Mary Parsons) leaving from Newbridge Silver car park and from Parish Church.
MC on trip: Alan O'Neill, Hopkins Society.

3.00 Guided visit to the College Chapel by Patricia Watson, NUI Maynooth.

(For visitors who are making their own way to Maynooth, please go to St. Patrick's Campus, where parking is available.Book tickets online

Guided Tour of Russell Library and 1916 Exhibition
MC: Jenny Adamson

5.30 Sherry Reception (Renehan Hall) sponsored by President Philip Nolan.
Guitar: Conor Mahony; a song: Justin Duane (tenor) ; A Hopkins poem: Jenny Adamson; a poem by Philip Brady,DouglasDouglass; Sarah Winn and Shizue Ogawa
MC: Teresa Redmond

6.15 HOPKINS SOCIETY BANQUET 2016 (Pugin Hall)
Book tickets (€35)
Guests of Honour:
Andrew Delohery Associate Vice President, Quinnipiac University, Hamden, USA.
Prof. Aidan Mulkeen, Deputy President, NUI Maynooth
Conor Bowman President, The Hopkins Society

Presentation of Newbridge Silver Award to Christine Kinealy (Quinnipiac University)
Presentations from The Hopkins Society

MC: Derek Egan

9.00 Bus leaves from Front Gate

10.00 NIGHTCAP: Cummins's pub


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