Hopkins Lectures 2016

Hopkins Lectures during 2016 Hopkins Festival

'the best literary festival in Ireland' - editor Oxford Companion

Gerard Manley Hopkins photographed by George Giberne, printed by Hills and Saunders. Photograph: National Portrait Gallery 

peter_costelloPeter Costello Professional Author

Peter Costello is a professional author based in Dublin. He has written, contributed to, or edited some 37 books. Well known for his Joycean researches and for The Heart Grown Brutal, about the literatures of the Irish revolution, he writes mainly in the field of Irish history and culture. He is currently the Books Editor of the Irish Catholic.




tobiasThe Poet as Co-Creator: Rev Tobias Schlingensiepen (Topeka)

Rev. Tobias Schlingensiepen is the Senior Minister of First Congregational Church (United Church of
Christ) in Topeka, Kansas (USA). He is a former nominee of his state's Democratic Party for the U.S. Congress, as well as a former teaching and research assistant for systematic theology and ethics in the Protestant faculty of the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet, Bonn (Germany).


robert smart

Robert Smart, Quinnipiac University USA

Prof. Robert A Smart is Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Professor of English and Writing Program Director for Quinnipiac University. Founding editor of The Writing Teacher and the author of The Nonfiction Novel (UPA, 1985) and numerous articles on Gothic and Irish literature, he is chair of English and also director of the writing programme. As Dean, Bob is responsible for 142 faculty members and approximately 1,650 students.

A Hopkins Coda: The Corpse in Irish Literature: Robert Smart; Wednesday July 27th. 15.30 hours


youngminkimProfessor Youngmin Kim,
Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea

Youngmin Kim is Professor of English, Director of the Institute
of Trans Media World Literature at Dongguk University in Seoul, Korea, He is Editor-in-Chief of Journal of English Language and Literature. He has been teaching literatures in English and critical theory at the Department of English since 1991. He was Visiting Professor at Cornell University and Sapporo Gakuin University in Japan, and the Visiting Scholar at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville. He had served as President of the William Butler Yeats Society of Korea. He gave lectures and seminars at Yeats International Summer School. He was President of The Korean Society of Jacques Lacan & Contemporary Psychoanalysis and of the ELLAK (English Language and Literature of Korea). His current interest is Yeats, Hopkins, Pound, and modern and contemporary British and American poetry, transnationalism, cultural translation, comparative literature and world literature, world poetries in English, and interdisciplinary border-crossing humanities.

Wednesday July 27 2016 9.30 LECTURE Revisiting the Windhover: Youngmin Kim Dongguk University, Seoul

mcginleyMichael McGinley: Hopkins's Dublin Friends

Michael has been an amateur of Gerard Manley Hopkins since his schooldays. He discovered the Hopkins Festival in 1989 when he attended the 3rd School and he has attended nearly all Festivals since then. Indeed Hopkins has become an obsession with him. He worked for more than twenty years in the Dept. of Finance in Dublin specializing in pay negotiation. He took early retirement from that Dept. and then spent two years in Trinity College Dublin followed by eight years as a lecturer in industrial relations in UCD. Michael is the author of "The La Touche Family in Ireland", a 300-page book on the Huguenot banking family, published in 2004.

Michael McGinley reviews friends and social life of poet Gerard Manley Hopkins during his years in Dublin
Lecture: Hopkins’s Dublin Friends: Michael McGinley Mon 25th. 3 pm

Read Michael on Hopkins and his Dublin Friends

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daniel westwoodDaniel Kirk Westover, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies
East Tennessee State University USA

Daniel Westover is an award-winning poet and literary critic specializing in the English language literature of Wales. He is currently Assistant Professor of Modern British Literature at East Tennessee State University.  

Author of R. S. Thomas: A Stylistic Biography (University of Wales Press. In this acclaimed study, Westover defends his new stylistic biography of the most recognizable literary figure in Wales. Westover, frustrated by these assumptive texts, has sought to honour the ogre of Wales with a more holistic approach.



sean bagnalSean Bagnal, Gerard Manley Hopkins Society, Historian

John Henry Newman and his Dublin Influences

Lectures by Sean Bagnal already in our Hopkins Archive
Hopkins and the Breastplate of Saint Patrick read here
Hopkins's Ireland: Early Christian Monasteries read here

Past lectures on Newman available in our Hopkins Archive:

Correspondence between Hopkins and John Henry Newman (Catherine Philipps) read here

Dream and Vision in Newman and Hopkins (Michael Woods) read here


christinekinnealyChristine Kinealy, PhD. founding director of
the Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute at Quinnipiac University.

Author, Christine Kinealy is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and In 1997, when Prime Minister Tony Blair apologized for the Irish Famine, the British House of Parliament invited her to speak
about the The Great Hunger. She did so in the place "where so
many egregious relief policies had been made that resulted in so
many tragic deaths.” Named ‘Woman of the Year’ by Irish America
Heritage and Culture Committee of the Department of Education,
New York in 2014


eamon kiernanEamon Kiernan Magdeburg University Germany

Conversion of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Read past lectures by Eamon Kiernan available in our Hopkins Archive

Eckhartian Echo in 'As Kingfishers Catch Fire.' read here
Re-reading the Wreck read here





desmond eganDesmond Egan Artistic Poet Director Gerard Manley Hopkins Festival

James Joyce and Gerard Manley Hopkins in Dublin

Lectures by Desmond Egan included in our Hopkins Archive:

As Kingfishers Catch Fire'. . . Imagery read here
Hopkins and Hiberno English read here
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mario murgiaMario Murgia, National University Mexico

Gerard Manley Hopkins and his Mexican Translators

Mario Murgia, poet, literary translator, and professor of English, Translation, and Comparative Literature is especially interested in the relationship between literature and other artistic expressions, such as music and the performing arts. His main area of academic research is Anglophone and Hispanophone drama and poetry from the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period, with a particular emphasis on English and (Colonial) Spanish poetry produced in the 16th and 17th centuries...


Read Mario Murgia on Hopkins and his Mexican Translators here

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