Hopkins Festival 2014
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Gerard Manley Hopkins Festival 2014

When: July 19 - 25, 2014
Where: Newbridge College Theatre

Overview of Hopkins 2014 International Festival

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As Kingfishers Catch fire ...

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Last Minute Changes to 2014 Festival lectures

Monday 21st, 10.00 am Thomas McCarthy replaces Prof. Hornbach. Andrew Deoherty lecture transferred to Tuesday at 4.30 pm.
Tuesday 22nd, 4.30: Mark Bosco lecture transferred to Monday 4.15
Tuesday 22nd. 10.00: Will Adamson lecture transferred to Thursday 10.00
Thursday 24th, 10.00: Robert Smart lecture transferred to Tuesday 10.00
Wednesday 23rd, 3.35: subject of Miho Takahashi lecture: A Re-Reading
of Spelt from Sibyl’s Leaves
Thursday 24th, 2.30: subject of Richard Murphy lecture: Imagisme’s
Debt to Inscape. Dr. Murphy now teaches at Quinnipiac and New Haven universities.



Hanna Rikkonen  Helsinki University Finland  The Wreck and the Tradition of the Ode
Mark Bosco  Loyola University Chicago  Hopkins’s Influence on Flannery O’Connor
Pushpa Parekh Spelman College Atlanta  Hopkins and Disability
Robert Smart   Quinnipiac University  Hamden  CT  USA  Hopkins and Inscape 
Brendan Staunton  Dublin  Hopkins and Cezanne
Kevin McEneaney New York  Hopkins and Aesthetics
Will Adamson  University of Ulm, Germany  Felix Randal 
Patrick Samway St. Joseph’s University Philadelphia  Hopkins and Robert Frost
Viv Abbott Newbridge  God in the Works of Hopkins and Francois Mauriac
Miho Takahashi Kansai University Japan Rereading of  Spelt from Sibyl’s Leaves
Douglas Grandgeorge  New York  Habakuk’s Influence on Hopkins
Michael Woods  UK  Hopkins and the Spirit
Joseph Sweeney  UK  Hopkins the Priest 
Conor Bowman Dublin  Hopkins and McCartney
Thomas Berenato  University of Virginia  USA
Jane Chilcott UK  The Poetry of Hopkins
Desmond Egan The Poetry of John Donne (Youth Prog)
David Cappella  Central Conn. Uni.  USA  The Struggle for Faith
Hank Edmundson  University of Georgia USA: Death and Grace
Sakiko Takagi  Tokyo  Hopkins and the Sibyl
Brian Arkins  NUI Galway  Hopkins and The Classics
Eamon Kiernan  Magdeburg University Germany  The German Perception of Hopkins
Ciarán O'Hare Northern Ireland  Gerard Manley Hopkins: an Overview
Youngmin Kim  Dongguk Uni. Seoul S. Korea  A Korean View
Diarmuid Johnson Wales  Hopkins and Language


Malachy Bourke, Toner Quinn, Diarmuid Johnson and Friends

HOPKINS MASS Newbridge College

Denis Nulty, Bishop of Kildare


James McKenna; Eleanor Swan; Wilhelm Fockersperger (Germany); Brian Bourke; others


Conor Mahony


Rainer Schulte Uni. of Dallas  USA; with visiting translators from various countries


The Living Bog: Michael Jacob<

Visit to Maynooth College and Millennium Garden:  John Joe Costen


Shizue Ogawa Japan:  The James McKenna Award
Stephen Hutchinson O.P.  The Hopkins Award
President Michael D. Higgins, Uachtaran na hEireann:  Lifetime Achievement
Robert Smart  USA  Newbridge Silver Literary Award


Newbridge  directed by Claire and Willie Crowley


Books by Kevin McEneaney and others


Academia di Musici of The Czech Republic


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