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29th Hopkins International Literary Festival
Friday July 22 – Thursday 28th 2016

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Newbridge College Kildare Ireland

newbridge college

Celebrating Gerard Manley Hopkins and his his interests: Poetry, Painting, Music, The Arts, Philosophy, Conservation and his mentor John Henry Newman

Dedicated to the memory of Willie Crowley M.C.C.

Visitors are welcome to any event. Tickets available here.

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Don’t miss the Hopkins International Literary Festival 2016 , an exciting and inspiring week-long
celebration of the writing, interests and philosophy of Gerard Manley Hopkins and of his time in Ireland.

Hopkins wrote many of his best poems here. The Hopkins Festival week celebrates not just Hopkins
poetry but also his interest in all the arts.

The Hopkins Festival, founded in 1987, attracts poets, musicians, artists, writers and enthusiastic
Hopkins followers from Ireland and worldwide. Come and enjoy poetry, traditional Irish music and
classical music, visual arts, philosophy and conservation and friendship. Something for everyone.
All are welcome!

The Hopkins Festival has been described as 'the best Literary Festival in Ireland'
(Oxford Companion to Irish Literature)

Register to-day (using secure Paypal facility) for the full 29th Hopkins International Literary Festival Advance Programme ( €350)

Friday July 22nd 2016 Gala Opening (admission free: all welcome!)

Hans Pålsson Classical Concert

Saturday July 23 at 20.00 hours in the Theatre Newbridge College

Hans Pålsson Tickets €25 Details, programme and Tickets available here Don't delay. Don't risk disappointment!

Hans  Palsson

Maynooth Day & Gala Banquet

Sunday July 24th

Details of our Maynooth Dayand Gala Banquet

Traditional Irish Music Concert

Wed. July 27 2016:  20.00 hours

Newbridge College Theatre
with Tom Poole Group backed by Conor Mahony and Peter Byrne
Traditional Irish Music Concert Tickets €15 available here

Gerard Manley HopkinsGerard Manley Hopkins photographed by George Giberne, printed by Hills and Saunders. Photograph: National Portrait Gallery 

Hopkins Literary Festival 2016 LECTURES   

All aspects of Hopkins's poetry and life in Ireland are examined during the Festival Week.

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Multilingual Translation Workshop Director Diarmuid Johnson

Poem selected for July 2016 Workshop:

god's grandeur

God's Grandeur. (Pic Bruno Gaurier)

Download God's Grandeur here and set to work with your translation!
More about this innovative Multiligual Translaion Workshop


The World's Charged  ed. Daniel Kirk Westover and William Wright        

Famine, Egan; translated into French by Bruno Gaurier;
Book Launch: Alan Dukes

Washing my Hair with Nettles: poems by Emilia Ivanca;
Book Launch by Christopher Wheatley


newsflashParallel Hopkins Youth Festival   More information

Still some places available. Contact Youth Festival Director for more info

- 16 - 18 yr old students (book early)

Director  Derek Egan
Contact Hopkins Youth Festival Director to-day

Details on Hopkins Youth Festival here


Achievement Award: Prof. Philip Nolan President NUIMaynooth        
Newbridge Silver Award Christine Kinealy USA        
Mc Kenna Award: Darmuid Johnson Wales Irish Musician        
Hopkins Society Award:  Seán Dunne Pres. Newbridge Chamber               
O'Connor/ Baroda Cup: Neil  Donnelly Playwright


H.E. Dominick Chilcott Ambassador of U.K. and Mrs. Jane Chilcott

Presentation to Prof. Youngmin Kim (University of Dongguk, South Korea) in 2015. ( Pic James Kelly)


A feature of the Hopkins Festival is the opportunity for visitors to read a favourite Hopkins poem.

Participating poets will include: Susanne Ayaoub (Austria);  Diana Varela Punal  (Spain );   Christopher Green (Loyola University Chicago );  Jan Erik Rekdal  (Norway);    Shizue Ogawa  (Japan);  Daniel Westover (USA); Desmond Egan (Ireland); Donald Gardner (Netherlands).
More about daily Poetry Readings during the Hopkins Festival
Download the Full Hopkins International Literary Festival here


St. Winefred's Well - dramatic presentation

Director Lance Pierson Member of the Steering Group of the

Hopkins Society UK

(you might enjoy a fine talk in our Hopkins Archive on St Winifred's Well
delivered by Lance Pierson
at the Hopkins Festival 2015

ART EXHIBITIONS with leading Irish Artists


Leader  Michael Jacob

- A Day in Maynooth University with Gala Banquet More informtion


Visitors assemble each evening after dinner in a pre-selected venue for music, poetry and more!

   Details of the 2016 Festival Club

All welcome.

Tickets for all events available here

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The Society STRICTLY reserves right of admission TO ANY EVENT. Lectures from the Festival may not be reprinted in any form without written permission of the Society
Conference Office 9am to 6pm 085 2732568 Viv (045) 433613
Email us


Explore the Gerard Manley Hopkins Archive

Accommodation suggestions available here

Here is what Fabiance Alborghetti, a Swiss Poet, wrote about the Hopkins Festival in Newbridge:

'Your reputation is excellent and you are considered one of the very best poetry festivals in Europe.'
F Alborghetti, Poet 2015 Read more Visitor Comment here

Download Programmes of Past Hopkins Festivals

Explore downloads of past Hopkins International Literary Festival Programmes here
Here, you will find festival programmes for 2008, 20009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 20014 , 2015

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